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Corian itself is a brand name from parent company DuPont, the material consists of around one third acrylic polymer resin with the majority remainder comprising of minerals along with added colourants.

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When it comes to designing your new kitchen, one of the most important decisions is your worktop selection & the dilemma that goes into selecting & narrowing down the options that are available for your countertop on the market these days.

Wood, Glass, Laminate, Synthetic (Corian) or Natural (Granite, Marble), there are plenty of options along with endless colours to decide on each with their own pro’s & con’s. We want to shift the focus here on the synthetic option of Corian which over the years has grown in popularity within kitchens & bathrooms.

What is Corian?

Corian itself is a brand name from parent company DuPont, the material consists of around one third acrylic polymer resin with the majority remainder comprising of minerals along with added colourants. Natural worktop options, to a degree, have limited colours as they are dictated by nature itself, however, due to being man-made Corian has a lot more colours and patterns with some of them imitating natural finishes extremely well with over a hundred options to choose from.

What are the benefits of using Corian?

1. Options: As mentioned above, there are over 100 colour variants to choose from suiting all kitchen & bathroom styles.

2. Heat Resistant: Although DuPont would always recommend using a trivet for your hot pans, Corian is heat resistant up to 100 degree Celsius for any accidents you may have with a hot pan!

3. Non-porous & hygienic: With it smooth & seamless appearance & touch, Corian will help prevent dirt & bacteria growth with liquids unable to penetrate it. For this reason you would find it used for medical purposes due to the hygienic properties.

4. Invisible Joints: Want a solid surface with inconspicuous seams? Corian is definitely the way to go as you can achieve a seamless look even on a large surface area, upstands can also appear moulded to the work surface. Another brilliant feature you can have with Corian is a moulded sink to truly give a seamless ‘one-piece’ look & feel.

5. Durability: Corian, due to the manufacturing, is extremely durable & can take a lot of weight which in-turn means a long life for your worktop!

6. Stain Resistant: Corian is very resistant to stains. Any dirt, even the most difficult, can be removed.

7. Strong & easy to repair: As mentioned, Corian is resilient & small scratches and chips are simply sanded out. Cracks are a little more complicated and require a Corian repair specialist, however it will be repairable.

Are there any cons using Corian?

As with any material, natural or man-made, there are some disadvantages in our view the following are the only con’s using Corian.

  1. Prone to Scratches and Dents: Although Corian can easily be repaired they are prone to damage unlike granite or similar materials. As Corian is softer, knife marks and cuts can easily occur & can be more noticeable on darker colours.
  • Cleaning products aren’t kind to Corian:  Corian worktops can become discoloured after using some cleaners. It is recommended to use pH neutral products specific to Corian, although you would get away with the occasional diluted bleach as long as not used regularly as colour will fade over time.
  • UV Damage: Corian is susceptible to UV damage which is why it is not recommended for outside use. You would need to bear this in mind as the rays can emit through your home windows.
  • Price: Due to the options to which are unique to Corian and the production of it this is reflected in the price compared to Granite etc.

In conclusion, Corian is versatile, durable, hygienic & suited for modern or traditional tastes with an array of options compared to the other worktop options available.

Are you looking for Corian worktops for your new kitchen?

If you would like to find out more about Corian worktops for your new or existing kitchen, or our bespoke kitchen ranges at Paul Alexander Kitchens, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our kitchen specialists.



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