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Induction Cooking vs Gas Cooking – The Heated Debate!

Miele Induction Hob
If you would like to discuss adding a Gas or Induction hob for an existing kitchen or new kitchen design, our helpful sales team at Paul Alexander Kitchens will be happy to assist you

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Whilst looking into your new kitchen, or changing your current appliances, you are more than likely exploring all cooking possibilities and have come across the Induction vs Gas dilemma, with contradicting viewpoints and information, you may be scratching your head . So, what would you pick; Gas or Induction?

This is a very common question we hear at Paul Alexander Kitchens from our clients during the kitchen design process and we would like to give you a better understanding of both Induction & Gas.

What is a Gas Hob ?

Having been around for many years you are more than likely familiar with Gas top cooking (although numbers are dwindling due to alternate options on the market).  You also need to be connected to a Gas network; if you have an all-electric system then Gas will not be a viable option for you.

A gas hob is essentially the top section of a gas stove which has a built-in design. To use the hob a knob on the appliance is turned which allows gas to release through the burner rings, a spark from the ignition switch then gives a flame to cook on.

Most professional chefs, still to this day, rely on Gas and prefer it due to the efficiency of the temperature control, to simmer turn the flame down & to boil or to Wok cook, for example, turn the flame up.  Surprisingly enough however, induction method is quicker at heating food because it’s more efficient at distributing the heat which is produced.

One of the negatives of Gas cooking is the cleaning & maintenance, with all the griddles & grates it can be a chore to regularly keep on top of and keep sparkling although some of the glass on glass models make this side of things a lot easier.

What is an Induction Hob ?

For the modern kitchen design, Induction hobs are perfectly suited with their sleek & minimal look. Induction Hobs use electromagnetism to heat up the pan and cook, under the glass there are induction zones which consist of copper wiring in coils. When electricity passes through these coils it creates a magnetic field, with use of specific pans a high frequency alternating magnetic field is created which flows to the pan itself in turn generating a current within, and this is what heats the pan contents.

The only real negatives for Induction Hobs ‘boils’ down to cost, the initial price for one itself is more expensive than a Gas model and you would also need to invest in new cookware suitable for induction cooking ensuring all pots, pans & accessories have a magnetic base essential for this method of cooking.

Now for the test to weigh up heating times; In 2021 ran a test using a top of the range Gas and top spec Induction hob on the market at the time to see which would boil a pot of water the fastest

The Gas hob took an average of 9.69 minutes to boil, but the induction hob took just 4.81 minutes with the fastest Induction hob managing it in 3 minutes which is pretty impressive!


In terms of performance you can’t rival Induction cooking, however it doesn’t necessarily come down to this one factor, budget also plays a role as you would be paying more for an induction hob vs a Gas hob. Some may prefer Induction down to its child safe features, ease of cleaning & modern appeal. Some traditionalists, such as the top chefs, prefer the tried and tested Gas method.

If you would like to discuss adding a Gas or Induction hob for an existing kitchen or new kitchen design, our helpful sales team at Paul Alexander Kitchens will be happy to assist you. We offer appliances from some of the biggest names on the market such as Bora, Miele, Siemens, Neff, Bosch, Falmec & Caple.

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