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Induction Hob Accessories – Some Food for thought!

Induction Hob Extras
You may have heard of the increasingly popular induction hobs over recent years, these are a unique & special kind of electric hob that gets power and precision from induction technology.

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They’re smart, accurate and they can boil water in about half the time of a conventional gas or ceramic hob. But are they right for your kitchen, and can you use your current cookware in line with them?

You may have heard of the increasingly popular induction hobs over recent years, these are a unique & special kind of electric hob that gets power and precision from induction technology. Simply put, energy to heat the pan etc. is generated from an electro-magnetic field located below the glass surface which, in turn, transfers the current directly to whatever magnetic pot, pan or accessory you are using, causing it to rapidly heat up.

An issue some may have with induction cooking isn’t with the hob itself yet the accessories that can be used. You may have some cookware which you love to use yet isn’t suitable for an induction hob.

Examples of some cookware that you will be unable to use on an induction hob are: Aluminium or aluminium clad, copper or copper clad, aluminium foil, glass/ceramic and certain stainless steel products; this is because they will not attract and hold a magnet. Your pots and pans need to contain enough iron to generate a magnetic field.  

Luckily the more common that the induction method of cooking is becoming, there is now an extensive range of induction hob accessories you can optimise the performance of your cooking appliance so you get top Michelin star meals consistently.

Majority of accessories available help to make cooking with induction hobs easier, more user friendly and safer ensuring that you get the most out of your hob.

At Paul Alexander Kitchens, we offer some of the best Induction Hobs on the market from some of the leading names such as; Bora, Falmec, Siemens, Neff, Bosch, Caple & Samsung to name but a few and have listed a few examples of what is available to add to your kitchen accessories & make life easier for yourself.

Neff Griddle Plate – A grill specially designed for FlexInduction. The plate has a ribbed surface for the professional grilling of your meat, fish & vegetables. There is a special trough for fat. When cooking, all the fat is drained from the meat into the trough – so the meat is not fried in its own fat.

Neff Teppan Yaki Grill Plate – A large smooth grill Teppan Yaki plate for Flex Induction Hobs ensuring healthy cooking to quickly fry or cook fragile foods. This accessory fits perfectly in the Flex area.

Miele Gourmet Oven Dish – An induction compatible gourmet oven dish for frying, braising and gratinating. Made from die-cast aluminium, hand-cast so no irritable sticking!

Bora Induction Wok – Easy handling Wok consisted of a multi-layer material with special alloy, a staple for the kitchen especially if you are a stir fry lover!


At our kitchen showroom, located in Windsor next to the castle, we showcase Bora, Samsung & Miele hobs. If you have any questions regarding Induction hobs or any other appliance for your existing or new kitchen please contact us on 01753 840004 or email where one of our knowledgeable kitchen consultants will be happy to assist.



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