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Miele DO7860 – An intuitive oven that talks and listens to your food ????

Miele DO-7860 Smart Oven
Very similar to the first person to use a microwave or slow cooker in the mid-20th Century which at the time must have felt revolutionary, this oven from Miele has the same feel – Simply put, the feedback for the DO7860 oven is genuinely amazing

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With all the smart technology readily available to us nowadays it can be confusing going through all the options to find out which gadget or appliance can actually make your life easier … However, when it comes to smart ovens to enhance your kitchen and cooking experience, you can forget all the other so called ovens on the market—the Miele Dialog may just be how we cook in the future.

Very similar to the first person to use a microwave or slow cooker in the mid-20th Century, which at the time must have felt revolutionary, this oven from Miele has the same feel – Simply put, the feedback is genuinely amazing from people who took the leap of faith and purchased this oven, it has changed the way people look at home cooking & also the overall standard of their prepared dishes.

Arguably, the smartest feature of this oven, mentioned first, is ‘M Chef’; M Chef technology assists by cooking the entire volume of the food from the outset to ensure that it is heated evenly. This is done by supplying energy in the form of Gourmet units. Simultaneously, the cooking process is monitored and adjusted constantly throughout. This allows the user to prepare amazing dishes that wouldn’t have been possible before.

If you are an anxious or nervous home chef due to demanding dishes, you need not worry with ‘Gourmet Assistant’ and ‘Gourmet Pro’ functions. The assistant will suggest appropriate whilst cooking your food. Gourmet Pro is where you set all parameters which suit your specific needs ensuring your dishes are cooked exactly how you like them each and every time delivery consistent results . These features give you peace of mind with your cooking ability and can reduce and nervousness you may have in your approach to being a home chef.

Another helpful feature is the time management; all you need to do is simply set the start time, finish time or duration of the cooking process and it will be ready as and when you want it. The cooking process will end automatically when the programmed cooking duration comes to an end. The integrated minute minder is also a convenient option for many situations. Lastly on this point, in the event of a power cut the set time is saved for approximately 150 hours, another level of peace of mind!

The innovation doesn’t end there as you can conveniently & securely network your appliance using ‘Miele@HomeSystem.’ All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked and operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing Smart Home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud allowing them to be controlled via your mobile and tablet device remotely.

The only negative thing to be said about this appliance (if having to be honest) is the price; RRP is £9649.00 which can be a substantial amount of any kitchen budget & also a lot if buying a one off appliance for your current in-situ kitchen. That being said, this truly is a smart & amazing appliance for userbility which stands out from any competitor currently on the market & in plain simple terms here you are paying for what you get in terms of usability as we have only touched on the helpful features available and there is a lot more to learn & to get to grips with.

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