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Miele’s CM6560 ‘Milk Perfection’ Countertop Coffee Machine, Brew-ti-ful!

Being a kitchen design company we often supply and install integrated coffee machines to seamlessly fit into our kitchen furniture, however not every kitchen can accommodate one for various reasons, luckily countertop coffee machines are equal in the quality of coffee provided

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Being Brits you would imagine a cup of old Rosy would be our go-to hot drink, however Coffee is slowly replacing this as the nation’s favourite cuppa with an astonishing 95 million cups drank a day which is up by 25 million over the past 10 years !

Majority of coffee consumers will tend to have more than just the one cup a day, with the most important being your morning coffee providing  that much needed caffeine boost to help you through your stressful morning. However, these caffeine fixes come at a price with a large coffee costing up to £5 a pop; surely it is smarter to get the same quality coffee, if not better, in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price? This is the main advantage of investing in a coffee machine for most users, the ease and cost!

Being a kitchen design company we often supply and install integrated coffee machines to seamlessly fit into our kitchen furniture, however not every kitchen can accommodate one for various reasons, luckily countertop coffee machines are equal in the quality of coffee provided and can be neatly packed away if needs be or kept on your work surface permanently.

Miele have an amazing range of coffee machines, integrated & countertop. We are taking a closer look today at the CM6560 model, as with all Miele’s countertop coffee machines the technology you will find inside is specifically designed and coordinated to guarantee consistent levels of quality each and every time. The conical bean grinder, made of high quality stainless steel, grinds each and every bean equally and precisely as to maintain the aroma.

The CM6560 milk perfection model is fully automatic with a high quality milk container provided, this allows for creamy milk foam which gives the user a wide range of specific and speciality coffees to choose from. The milk container allows for double frothing and a double venture process, this double Venturi process not only increases the temperature of the milk froth but also creates a particularly light & enjoyable texture.

Miele’s AromaticSystem, which is a feature of this model, helps by finely mixing coffee & water to perfection by expanding during the brewing process, this in-turn gives an intensive aroma and much less of any bitter substances which may remain.

As well as the familiar OneTouch feature associated with Miele coffee machines there is no OneTouch for Two which allows the user to make two delicious coffee specialities at the same time by simply touching a button, saving precious time!

WiFiConn@ct will also help make things easier for you, this enables communication with the coffee machine from a pad or phone allowing you to monitor and operate your networked appliances conveniently and remotely. You can programme settings or prepare your coffee with MobileStart – even whilst having a lazy day on the sofa. Not just that, you can order coffee beans or detergent supplies with only a few clicks using your smartphone.

When it comes to cleaning it couldn’t be easier with the provided cleaning programmes for general care & maintenance especially with the automatic rinsing of the milk pipework. You will no longer have to take the hose out of the milk container as the water is now drawn through the second hose while the milk supply is closed via a valve, this really does help with the cleaning process & other manufacturers do not offer this which makes Miele’s models, which provide this feature, very unique.

The handy cleaning programmes along with the automatic rinsing function combine perfectly for top hygiene results, soiling is prevented before it can form and this contributes to a longer service life and helps maintain the value of your coffee machine.

We have listed below all features etc. as listed on Miele’s website, there is a lot more information to delve into and learn on top of this but gives you a brief description of what to expect from this model:

Countertop coffee machine With WiFiConn@ct, high-quality milk container and many speciality coffees.

  • Creamy milk froth for a wide range of coffee specialities
  • Perfect results and intense coffee flavour – AromaticSystem
  • Two coffees at once at the touch of a button – OneTouch for Two
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance programmes
  • Communication with the machine could not be easier – WiFi Conn@ct

What’s included :

  • Stainless steel milk tube
  • Milk container made of glass
  • Voucher for CJ 1 coffee pot
  • Descaling tablets
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Brief operating instructions on rear of unit
  • Voucher for 4 x 250 g Black Edition ONE FOR ALL coffee beans

If you are looking to incorporate a built in or freestanding Coffee machine for your existing or new kitchen, at Paul Alexander Kitchens we are an exclusive Miele supplier and our kitchen sales team are available for any questions you may have. We display a range of Miele kitchen appliances at or Windsor Showroom just a stone’s throw from the iconic Windsor Castle. Feel free to contact us on 01753 840004 or alternatively you can email us at



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