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Neff’s Slide & Hide Oven Door – Celebrating 20 Years Of the Iconic Slide & Hide Oven

Neff Slide & Hide
Neff's slide & hide isn’t just a gimmick to fool potential customers on the market looking for a new oven, there are many practical reasons as to why it’s so popular

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Wow, how quickly does 20 years fly by … Back in 2002 Neff brought out their iconic slide & hide door which was a truly reinvented door design, even to this day only Neff make this particular feature so it is solely unique to them and is the first and only slide-able door in the world.

You can see why Neff were chosen to be on The Great British Bake Off year after year with 2 million purchases to date already due to the door feature which makes life in the kitchen that much easier for the user. If it’s good enough for Paul Hollywood on Bake Off then that is an endorsement in itself!

The slide & hide isn’t just a gimmick to fool potential customers on the market looking for a new oven, there are many practical reasons as to why it’s so popular and we have listed a handful below to help you with your decision making:

  • Space Saving; once fully retracted it allows more open space in the kitchen so is ideal for small or galley kitchens.
  • Makes baking easier; as the oven door slides underneath the main part of the oven, this makes putting your cakes in and out much easier and efficient without any obstruction.
  • Basting your meat; basting your roast is a breeze when you can keep a good eye on things and truly reach in.
  • Safety; Burning yourself is a lot less likely to happen as accessing the oven cavity itself is a lot easier.
  • Ergonomic; if you have to install an oven at a higher level, i.e two stacked in housing, the door won’t be bang in your face once opened.
  • Charm; it really has something special about it, the wow factor for your kitchen!

Now, as much as we here at Paul Alexander Kitchens love the slide & hide models from Neff, an honest review on them wouldn’t be accurate without pointing out some of the cons, as with any appliance on the market, luckily this will be short:

  • Cost; you will be paying slightly more than most other ovens; then again no other ovens don’t have the slide & hide technology. The additional cost is worth it depending on your needs.
  • Unwanted Grease Stains; Grease will no longer hit the back of your oven door, however it will spit out at you are will end up on the floor, but this is splitting hairs trying to think of a negative!

One of the currently most popular models Neff offer is the B69FY5CX0, N90 model with a Premium 6,8’’ Full Touch TFT Display, Twist Pad Flex® & Home connect capability. This truly is a premium model which retails at £2169.00 Rrp.

Neff B69FY5CX0

With the B69FY5CX0 you can add a twist with handle colour personalisation with Deep Black or add a splash of colour to your handle with Brushed Bronze. And because kitchens can eventually grow and your taste may change, the choice is also flexible. With Flex Design, the adaptable elements from available accessory sets can be removed & added as often as you like, giving each appliance a lifetime of great taste.

If you are looking to add a Neff Slide & Hide oven or any other Neff product for your existing or to new kitchen, you can contact our sales team at Paul Alexander Kitchens on 01753 840004.



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