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What is an In-frame (framed) Kitchen?

With so many styles and options out there on the market you may be asking, what is an in-frame kitchen and how does it differ from a standard door?

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At Paul Alexander Kitchens we now have our very own range of In-Frame Kitchens which are truly elegant and timeless with a notoriety for fine craftsmanship and detail.

In-Frame, or framed kitchens, is when the door is inset within a frame that is fitted to the front of a kitchen carcass, the additional border that surrounds a door adds that little extra special detail to the external feature.

Having a visible frame has been a feature of the original kitchen cabinet design prior to World War II, however with the advances in high pressure laminate technology post World War II, manufacturers were able to cut costs greatly by introducing frameless kitchens making kitchen renovations affordable on a large scale.

The fact that framed kitchens have been used for centuries now is testament to them and has proved themselves in terms of design and functionality. 

Some of the Framed kitchen benefits are:

  • Strengthened Cabinets ; The frame helps to add strength to the unit preventing it from losing the square shape helping it retain its 90 degree angles
  • Seamless Look ; The frame will be wider than the unit, this helps and enables you to put two units closer together. Being tight to one another helps create the seamless look In Frame kitchens are famous for.
  • Stronger Hinges ; With the exterior hinges on framed units stronger exteriors hinges are generally used and doors won’t sag over time. In our experience, anything stronger when it comes to kitchens is a positive !
  • Looks better ; Quite frankly In Frame looks superior to many peoples tastes rather than frameless with its simple and elegant look & will generally stand the test of time better.
  • Made with solid wood ; Need we say anymore here – Solid wood allows for a variety of styles and is better than engineered wood. Engineered wood maybe more moisture-resistant & has that in its corner, but solid wood can be sanded and refinished any number of times whereas engineered you can only do so once or twice

In the spirit of our policy of honesty at Paul Alexander Kitchens, there are only two cons we can think of when it comes to In-Frame Kitchens:

  • Cost ; Due to the craftsmanship, additional materials and extra time to make there is a premium compared the frameless, around 15% to 30% more. A bit extra for a lot more!
  • Cleaning ; Dust in the frames and crevasses can be awkward and annoying at times, however is a small price for a beautiful kitchen !

To sum it up, you may have to wait a little longer (10-12 weeks) due to the bespoke nature and craftsmanship on your own unique kitchen and will be paying a little extra, however at the end of the day you will have a stunning kitchen bursting with unique character.

For any other information you may require on our Paul Alexander In-Frame Kitchens or if you are looking to get a design and price please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable kitchen design specialists who will be more than happy to assist you.



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