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V-ZUG Swiss Made Swiss Excellence

V-ZUG create innovative appliances whether for cooking, steaming, rinsing, washing or drying, they truly embody what Swiss craftsmanship is all about...Swiss Excellence!

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When you think of Switzerland, or Swiss products to be precise, you automatically think watches, chocolates and Swiss Army knives where these products are proudly stamped with the ‘Swiss Made Label’ which indicates high levels of quality & craftsmanship, no wonder they are highly sought after by customers worldwide.

With no particular natural resources readily available to Switzerland, some minerals & metals aside, the Swiss have taken a different approach compared to other nations such as China who themselves are mass production hubs. Instead, the Swiss tend to focus on perfecting craftsmanship and technology on more select and niche type goods, instead of mass producing products which aren’t rigorously tested or thoroughly thought through and just off a production line with no real love or care, they tend to concentrate on perfecting products which is why they have a trusted reputation and are renowned for the Swiss made excellence which we are all familiar with.

Swiss products aren’t just confectionary, luxury watches and army knives, they is a wider net of production than you might think ranging from pharmaceuticals, gems, metals, minerals & components for electrical goods. 

This in-turn brings us to a kitchen appliance company who predominantly manufactures the majority of their products in Switzerland and they have been plying their trade for over 100 years, V-ZUG create innovative appliances whether for cooking, steaming, rinsing, washing or drying, they truly embody what Swiss craftsmanship is all about!

V-Zug are rightly proud of their roots as a company as highlighted by the name. The ‘V’ stands for Verzinkerei in German, this was from when they were originally a galvanising plant, the ‘Zug’ shows their avid commitment to the Zug region of Switzerland from where they reside.

It is only recently in the last few years V-Zug have decided to dip their toe into a bigger market & share their high quality appliances and top level service worldwide & they are really have gained momentum in their selected markets, consumers from all over are  recognising the premium products V-Zug have to offer.

In terms of what they focus on the minimalist design is key to the look and feel of the products and the longevity of them: 

“Timeless design. We believe that the aesthetic of an object should be as long-lasting as its quality.

Anchored in minimalism, our design is understated and elegant. Intrinsically Swiss.” 

You will find durability & elegance with a V-Zug product, where design meets innovation!

Sustainability is a crucial factor for them also, and is a driving force within the development of their home appliances. V-Zug have amazingly been carbon neutral since 2020 through a number of processes they have implemented over the years such as an internal CO2 levy which then funds further carbon reducing projects. Each customer of theirs is carefully shown how to use each appliance in the most resource saving way possible as well as taking responsibility for environmentally friendly disposal or recycling … This is a company who truly care about the future and what they leave going forward!

Another factor which sets them apart from the competition is the technology used. Instead of gimmicky features, in true Swiss fashion they concentrate and perfect what really matters and excel at that, as they state:

“We focus on user-friendliness, longevity, reliability, performance and energy efficiency. Our proximity to customers provides us the insights to design the right programs and functions to reach perfect results. Allowing us to simplify your life at home.”

This is a ‘mantra’ they carry through the company from top to bottom:

“Only what is conceived from actual customer needs is truly innovative. That’s why we aim to develop what really matters to people.” – Peter Spirig, CEO

Whether it’s a useful feature from their dishwashers ‘SteamFinish’ function which steam dries glasses and dishes by excluding salts, minerals & crystals ensuring a sparkling finish, or the

RegenerateOmatic’ oven function which amazingly lets you heat up leftovers as if they were freshly made by a combination of steam & hot air allowing dishes to be heated on multiple levels without any loss in quality or moisture, each setting or function is there for a reason with thought, care and attention to detail behind it.

V-Zug aren’t afraid to back their products, unlike many other kitchen appliance brands, they give an extended warranty on every appliance off the bat. This goes hand in hand with their mind-set of providing exceptional service for their exceptional appliances.

For any information on V-Zug appliances for you existing or new kitchen, our sales team located at our Berkshire kitchen showroom based on Windsor High Street, our contactable on 01753 840004 or you can email any questions you may have to



V-ZUG Swiss Made Swiss Excellence

V-ZUG create innovative appliances whether for cooking, steaming, rinsing, washing or drying, they truly embody what Swiss craftsmanship is all about…Swiss Excellence!

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