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Miele G7660SCVi Auto Dos Dishwasher – Created for 20 years of perfectly sparkling results!

Miele G7660SCVi Auto Dos Dishwasher
Miele offer stylish & practical options for all homes & needs.

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With consistent daily use, Miele’s stylish & stylish dishwashers loaded with smart & intuitive features, provide their users with convenience & sustainability making cleaning a literal breeze when it comes to things like your dishes from the family Sunday roast, they are made with the bigger and messier households in mind, reassurance that they are up to the most difficult of tasks!

Whether you are looking for a slim line option for the more compact and tighter kitchen, or an integrated model to blend in seamlessly with your kitchen, maybe a semi-integrated dishwasher to have a visible and handy control panel, Miele have stylish & practical options for all homes, all of which have a high energy-efficiency rating, making them an economical choice for peace of mind.

The new Miele G7000 dishwasher range comes standard with their AutoDos technology with integrated Power Disk, this smart feature makes sure the appliance automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent each & every time.

On the G7000 range, today we are looking into the G7660SCVi Auto Dos model being one of Miele’s most sought after fully integrated dishwashers, however there is no escaping the fact that this is an expensive model with an rrp of £2539.00, but this is reflected in the execution of it and is one of Miele’s best performing dishwashers on the market due to the features such as its smart app & automatic dosing system, as touched upon earlier, making the usual tough cleaning jobs effortless.

Some other useful and ingenious features of the G7660SCVi model are as follows:

3D MultiFlex Tray – This enables adjustments within the dishwasher to create space from little to large items.

Miele@Home – A smart function which allows Miele appliances communicate with each other & control via the Miele app. This way operating steps are simplified and automated.

QuickPowerWash – Great cleaning results in only 58 minutes, some of the best results to be found on a short cycle.

BrilliantLight – LED lit interior for your dishwasher which is automatically controlled

Maxi Comfort Basket – Maximum flexibility for all types of crockery giving optimal cleaning & drying results.

As a fully integrated appliance it will be contained in a kitchen unit with a door panel fitted to the front so that it matches and seamlessly fits into the rest of your kitchen. Internally, Miele have once again excelled in terms of space provided and offers 14 place settings which is pretty much the top capacity on a dishwasher.

Touching on the internals, Miele with their usual attention to detail, provide a top basket with an option of two height positions altered with handles on the side to ensure adjustment is straight forward by not having to remove the basket beforehand. Another feature worth noting on the internal side is the timer on the LCD screen that displays the duration of the programme, although this isn’t visible once the dishwasher’s door is closed, however you can always follow this on your Miele@Home app.

Some of the selectable program options you can opt for are as follows:

Eco 50ºC – Generally for frequently soiled items where water consumption is reduced to 8.9 litres, you will be reminded or advised to up this cycle to a higher temperature to kill all present bacteria.

Gentle 45ºC – As with the Eco wash above but a lesser temperature, saving even more energy.

QuickPowerWash 65ºC  – As mentioned previously, a 58 minute cycle with great results. Use all in 1 UltraTabs to achieve the best possible results from cleaning & drying.

Intensive 75ºC – This ‘ups’ the intensity from lightly soiled to heavily soiled items. Sparkling clean but with high energy usage.

Now, there are a couple of unique & special cycles which are available through the use of the internal LCD screen including PowerWash 60ºC and ExtraQuiet 55ºC, as in the name it is extremely quiet but runs for longer, a great option if leaving this on overnight or to avoid any distraction from pesky noise.

Finally, this brilliant dishwasher has an A energy rating which is best you can get in terms of efficiency. They’re even better than handwashing; it will give your dishes and such an amazing clean, and will save you money in the long run too.

At our Windsor Kitchen Showroom in Berkshire just a stone’s throw from the iconic Windsor Castle, we have a wide selection of Miele kitchen appliances on display. Whether you are looking to potentially add a Miele appliance to an existing or new kitchen, our sales and design team are available to discuss, please call our kitchen showroom on 01753 840004 or you can alternatively email us at .



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